Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.

The philosophy behind is the constant stimulus to improve one’s skills and knowledge. For any questions about my work or approach, or for requests for press releases, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Customers reviews

Very friendly and responsive and open to your needs . I loved working with him and he helped me create the perfect presentation video for my company. He did everything I asked and even gave me advice of things that could have possibly been tweaked. I'm very happy with the outcome and I'm appreciative for fiverr with connecting me to such talent.
Adam Sendler
I needed about 80 pictures and three songs put together with all the bells and whistles. The outcome was some of the best work I have ever seen. One of a kind Video Maker. Equally as impressive was the excellent and professional communication and speed of work.
Adriana Mori
Giorgio is definitely talented and provided a good product. Unfortunately, there were several delays on his part. That made it take a lot longer. Still, Giorgio was responsive and committed. Even though the project was problematic, he always communicated and had a clear commitment to my satisfaction. All of us has technical and personal challenges at a given time. I appreciate how hard Giorgio worked and he ultimately did a good job and completed the project
Mike Smith
Support Manager
My Skills
Corporate Presentations 73%
Video Animation 58%
Aerial Media & Social Marketing 35%


Most frequent questions and answers

Extra branding means that your brand becomes more noticeable in the video. Including: Adding your logo in the corner for the duration of the video. Changing the fonts in the video with your fonts. Changing the background colors to your brand Identity.

We certainly do! Contact us for more informations. 

Thank you

Yes, you can! 1. Choose any video from our portfolio 2. Click the “Get a demo” button (no credit details required) 3. Fill in your customization instructions 4. Contact us to confirm your demo request 5. We’ll customize the video per your instructions and send it back for you to review before making a purchase!

You certainly can 😉 We encourage you to do so and give digital marketers tools to present our videos to their clients without visiting our Fiverr store. See our white label offer.